Phaedra Genemien

From Circle Of The Crone

Player Name: Robin Fisher

Name: Phaedra Genemien

Clan: Mehket

Age: Unknown.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Specialties: Investigation and Research

Seer of the Crone

Herald of the City of Fort Worth

Current Primogen of the Circle in Fort Worth

Not much is known about Phaedra, as she prefers to keep her history quiet for the time being. She is a follower of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and also reveres the entire Egyptian pantheon. She has a penchant for studying the unknown, dealing with the mystical, and curbing the supernaturals. The city of Fort Worth has become her home, and she happily does her best to keep it safe.

Her recent appointment to Herald has been a strengthening move within the city. She now works closely with Prince Bishop Mendoza to both secure ties between themselves and their covenants, as well as secure the city from the dangers that haunt it.

Phaedra recently also received the vision from the Crone, burning the visage of an eye onto her arm and marking her for a Seer. She sees the Fort Worth Circle as her own, and has been Primogen for most of the time she has been there, and will continue to look out for them as she receives the visions from the Crone of what may come.

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